The Ideal Velveteen - Vintage Australian Advertising Poster

"The Nearest Approach to Silk Velvet"

The artwork for the original colour lithograph was created by Richard Wendel, printed by Troedel & Co. lithographers in Melbourne, for D. & W. Murray Limited during the late 1800’s. The illustration depicts two entwined young Greek Goddesses dancing as if on air. The Poster advertises “The Ideal Velveteen – Eclipses All Others”

Velveteen is a style of cloth made to imitate velvet. Typically cotton, the term is sometimes applied to a mixture of silk and cotton. Some velveteens have a rib of velvet pile alternating with a plain depression. This fabric has a pile that is short, usually never more than 3 mm deep and is closely set. It has a firm hand and a slightly sloping pile. Compared to true velvet, velveteen has greater body, does not drape as well and has less lustre.

D. & W. Murray was a drapers shop in Adelaide founded by brothers David Murray and William Mackintosh Murray, and became the wholesale draper D. & W. Murray Limited. The company was formed in 1897 with a paid-up capital of £500,000 and by 1913 the company had warehouses in Adelaide, London, Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville, Perth, Hobart, Launceston and Sydney.

  • The "The Ideal Velveteen" Poster is a reproduction of a Vintage Australian Advertising Poster.
  • This poster is digitally printed on high quality paper with vivid colour and exceptional detail.
  • We use Australia Post and your print will be delivered in a postage tube for extra protection.
  • Our online images are electronically watermarked, the actual purchased prints are not.


Vintage Australian Advertising Poster - The Ideal Velveteen

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