Ned Kelly's Armour - Australian Poster

Ned Kelly's armour was made of quarter inch thick iron.

A Photographic Poster of The Armour worn by during the siege at Glenrowan in June 1880

Ned Kelly's armour on permanent display in the State Library of Victoria, the Helmet, Breast-Plate, Back-Plate and Shoulder Plates provide startling evidence for a total of 19 bullet strikes. Adding to the fine display are Kelly's Snider Enfield rifle and one of his leather boots.

The armour brainwave is believed inspired by Ned when he saw a suit of armour during a visit to the Melbourne Museum, he sketched it and its accepted is that the idea and judgement to wear armour was Ned's.

"Fire away you beggars, you can do us no harm!"

Ned Kelly's armour was made of quarter inch thick iron and weighed an unbelievable 44 kilograms (97 lb). After the short violent encounter there remained five bullet marks on the helmet, three on the breast-plate, nine on the back-plate, and one on the shoulder-plate.

It was reported Joe Grigg, a blacksmith from the Glenrowan district fabricated the armour from plough and harvesting machine parts and watch over by Ned and Dan Kelly.Grigg was paid for his handy work in gold sovereigns by Ned and then told the Police. Grigg was told to keep the cash as he had earned it honestly. This information was kept secret until Grigg's death in 1934 as authorities felt that the details were best kept from the public. The facts were made mention in Grigg's obituary in 1934 but sadly the true story remained relatively unknown.


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Australian Photographic Poster - Ned Kelly's Armour

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