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Alexander the Man Who Knows - Vintage Magic Poster

One of the highest paid entertainers in the field of magic.

Alexander spent a great deal of money into the production and printing of beautiful chromo-lithograph posters for his stage shows. The original colour poster was published during the early 1900’s.

Claude Alexander Conlin, also known on stage as: Alexander, C. Alexander, Alexander the Crystal Seer, and Alexander the Man Who Knows. He was a renowned American spiritual author, vaudeville magician who specialised in mentalism and psychic reading acts. He dressed in Oriental style robes and a feathered turban, and often used a crystal ball as a stage prop. He also worked privately for clients, giving readings.

The biographer David Charvet recounts in his biography that Alexander spent time in local jails (including a jail break in Oklahoma in 1906) and federal prison in Washington state, went on trial for attempting to extort $50,000 from oilman millionaire, G. Allan Hancock, made a failed attempt to outrun the authorities in a high-powered speedboat loaded with bootlegged liquor in the Queen Charlotte Strait between Canada and the U.S., and admitted killing four men. Alexander himself claimed that he was involved in the shooting of Alaska gold rush con-man, Jefferson "Soapy" Smith, although no evidence exists nor is he mentioned in the context of Smith's death in the thorough historical biography on Smith's life and death.

Alexander's biographers, Darryl Beckmann, David Charvet, and Alexander's biographer of the 1940s, Robert A. Nelson, have said that Alexander was the highest-paid mentalist in the world at the height of his career, during the 1920s. Alexander earned multiple millions of dollars during his career on stage and that during his lifetime he may have been the highest paid entertainer in the field of magic.


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Vintage Theatrical Poster - Alexander the Man Who Knows

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