Mostra Del Ciclo Dell'Automobile, Milano - Vintage Italian Advertising Poster

The 1907 Milan Automobile and Cycle Show.

The artwork for the original poster was created by Leopoldo Metlicovitz for the 1907 Milan Automobile and Cycle show. Metlicovitz  incorporates a stunning allegory of the old gods versus the new gods. Here, a winged immortal flying next to a speeding vehicle, working hard trying to keep up with innovation. A stunningly powerful, symbolic image, the poster was a master work of lithography in which soft pastel shades are used to make a strong impression.

Leopoldo Metlicovitz was born in Trieste in 1868 to a family of Dalmatian origin, whose original surname was Metlicovich. He began working at a very young age for his father in the family firm that produces fine mechanical small parts. In 1882, employed as a lithographer at a printing shop in Udine, he was noticed by Giulio Ricordi, owner of the publishing house, who invited him to move to Milan.

He was a celebrated  painter, illustrator and was one of the founders of “Futurismo”, a twentieth century artistic movement. He developed an original approach to light and shadow and became one of Italy's greatest Poster artists creating some of the most famous designs that influenced design and art movements that developed in other, countries, particularly in Russia, France and USA. Futurismo explored every form of expression, from painting to sculpture, literature ( poetry and theatre) , music , architecture , dance, photography, film and even gastronomy. The official name of the movement came about by the Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.

  • The "Mostra Del Ciclo Dell'Automobile Milano" Poster is a reproduction of a Vintage Italian Advertising Poster.
  • This poster is digitally printed on high quality paper with vivid colour and exceptional detail.
  • We use Australia Post and your print will be delivered in a postage tube for extra protection.
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Vintage Advertising Poster - Mostra Del Ciclo Dell'Automobile Milano

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